Photo Essay: Seeing People (in Prague)

When you visit a tourist area, you see the things that brought you there. But as you spend more time in the same place, your interest in seeing things changes. Your curiosity about seeing things shifts. In other words, you don't get the same satisfaction from seeing things as you did at first, unless you are a person who is deeply studying the same thing. Then you start to wonder about the people in that place. Because the people you see today are not the same as the people you saw yesterday. Even if they are the same people, their reactions will not be the same. Try to remember what you did yesterday and what you are doing today. Your curiosity is not the same, and neither is your body language.

I am in Prague now. It is a magnificent city. Wherever you turn your head, there is something beautiful to see. Even after a week, I have been to multiple iconic places multiple times, and I am still not satisfied with seeing things. My curiosity is not the same as it was at first, but it has not gone down. I have actually become more curious. There are multiple types of curiosity with multiple layers that have sprouted. One of the curiosities is about the people. Looking at people is incredible. Looking at people enjoying themselves is even more incredible. You see a crowd of people wherever you go. But not everyone always has the privilege of enjoying themselves with someone else. Choice also matters. Some people want to enjoy things alone.

I have only been observing people for a few days, but I want to make this a habit so I can learn to read people in depth. It is said that filmmakers should observe people on a regular basis. I hope I will get inspiration from people while writing a screenplay at CET FAMU's film program.